A Big Dream of a Little Farm!

Flourish City Farms is a local, urban, family-run farm right here in Memphis. We grow our produce right here in the 901. We work and live right here in the 901. We love this city and her children. Memphis is so culturally, socially, and historically significant in so many ways, but especially for our food. As a city, we love to eat. The team at Flourish City Farms believes that Memphis has a story to tell through our food. We are out to turn Memphis from a foodie city into a Food City. A city that grows, supplies and supports its own food culture: sustainably, responsibly, and justly. We endeavor to create a pipeline that feeds our fellow neighbor from the soil to the sous-chef and beyond. This is just the beginning of the adventure. Someday this city will feed itself. Flourish City Farms is committed to making that happen.

Do you deliver on weekends?

We deliver on Fridays and have free pickup at the CY Farmers Market and Downtown Farmers Market (which are on Saturdays)
Is your produce considered organic?

Yes and No. We are not certified by the USDA to be an organic farm, but we follow equally (if not more) stringent practices than is required to be certified organic. Currently we use three natural pest control methods: neem oil, pyrethrin, and Bacillus thurengensis. Our first line of defense is soil care and in using insect netting as a preventive. This allows us to be proactive in the cultivation and management of produce rather than reactive.
Do you ever sell in farmers markets?

The Cooper Young Farmer's Market and the Memphis Farmer's Market located downtown.
I need to change my order. What do I do?

Give us a call at: 901-308-5956